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A Two-Ionic-Parameter Approach for Ion Activity Coefficient of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Growth of Tantalum Nitride Films on Si by Radio Frequency Reactive Sputtering: Effect of N2/Ar Flow Ratio 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
不同站立姿勢揮棒速度之比較分析研究 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Growth of Tantalum Boride Films by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering: Effects of Bias 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
A New Courseware Diagram for Quantitative Measurement of Distance Learning Courses 本校教師第二作者 N/A  
Special-skills payment-base from Viewpoint of Competitive Advantage—Exploratory Studies 本校教師第二作者 N/A  
The impact characteristics of Ti-6AI-4V plates hardfacing by laser alloying NiAl+ZrO2 powder 本校教師第二作者 N/A  
幼兒體育運動會舉辦方式之探討 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Diffusion Barrier Properties of Sputtered TaNx between Cu and Si Using TaN as the Target 本校教師第三作者 N/A  
DNA recognition by the EcoRV restriction endonuclease probed using base analogues 本校教師第三作者 N/A  
近五十年來有關日治時期台灣佛教史料的蒐集與研究 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Characteristics of Sputtered TaBx Thin Films as Diffusion Barriers between Copper and Silicon 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Enchancing SCORM metadata for assessment authoring in e-Learning 本校教師第四作者以上 N/A  
Structure-Activity and Crystallographic Analysis of Benzophenone Derivatives - the Potential Anticancer Agents 本校教師第四作者以上 N/A  
Convergence and stability of iterative procedures with errors for a couple of quasi-contractive mappings in q-uniformly smooth Banach spaces 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
我國大專院校籃球聯賽之沿革 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
不同程度選手在高爾夫球揮桿之技術分析 本校教師第二作者 N/A  
An adaptive multiple-model estimation technique based on model-set adaptation for maneuvering target tracking 本校教師第二作者 N/A  
Simulation and Analysis on Power Supply Networks for High-Speed Railway(HSR)System 本校教師第一作者 N/A  
Internal wave study in the South China Sea using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) 本校教師第二作者 N/A